Student Organizations

The Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design has over 30 student organizations and honoraries. Organizations of particular interest to graduate students include:

  • Animal and Nutritional Sciences Graduate Student Association: The purpose of the Animal and Nutritional Sciences Graduate Student Association is to promote interaction between graduate students and faculty within the area of animal sciences, promote professional and social interactions between animal science graduate students within West Virginia University and the graduate students of other learning institutions,t o aid graduate students in their professional endeavors, to serve the agricultural community, to represent and promote all facets of the West Virginia University, the Division of Animal and Nutritional Sciences, and the agricultural community in a positive and respectful manner.
  • Graduate Resource Economics Club (GREC) – is a club comprised of graduate students studying Agricultural and Resource Economics, the graduate component of the Agriculture & Resource Economics Club.
  • Graduate Student Association – Division of Forestry and Natural Resources
  • Graduate Student Nutrition Association—The purpose of the Graduate Student Nutrition Association (GSNA) is to provide framework for meaningful graduate student involvement and to stimulate interest in the profession of dietetics. The WVU GSNA is involved in a number of community nutrition outreach programs. Some of the activities that we currently participate in include cooking dinner each semester for the West Virginia Family Grief Center and helping to analyze recipes for local organizations. We are a new and growing organization and are looking to expand our membership and activities.
  • Graduate Student Organization – A professional gathering of the graduate students to assist them in their pursuits while in college.

A more complete list of organizations found in the Davis College can be found on the Davis College Student Clubs and Organizations page. A full listing of all WVU student organizations can be found on the Student Organizations Services page.